Personal Details Of 1.5m Online Daters Apparently Leaked During Data Migration Test

Personal Details

The personal data of over 1.5m online daters has apparently been leaked after a migrating data test went wrong.

The test was carried out by C&Z Tech Limited, the owner of online dating and affairs platforms such as, and

This suspected breach was identified by Mackeeper Security Research Center, who alerted the New Zealand-based company to the fact the data had been made public.

And in a response email, C&Z Tech Limited said: “Thanks for letting us know, the MongoDB database was only live for a few hours as we were testing migrating data from SQL to MongoDB, so most of them were just dummy data with randomly generated emails and passwords, and not our live database, we shut down the database about an hour ago, and there’re no data breach, only you guys had detected it.”

However, Mackeeper Security Research Center is not convinced, believing the data to be real user information.

Amongst the leaked data was usernames, plain text passwords, email addresses, gender, dates of birth, profile pictures and countries of origin.

And for those who uploaded more personal information to C&Z Tech Limited-owned sites, information such as height, weight, body type, race, interests, smoking & drinking habits and general preferences could have been made public.

C&Z Tech Limited has now secured its database, however, it is still unclear as to whether the leaked data was “dummy data” or that of its users.

There have been a number of dating site hacks in 2016, with BeautifulPeople,, and Muslim Match all falling foul of hackers this year.