Pheramor Founder Creates Couple Compatibility DNA Tests

Pheramor founder Dr. Brittany Barreto has been revealing more about her new venture WeHaveChemisty, a DNA compatibility service for people who are already in a relationship.

Created alongside relationship expert Dr. Laura Berman, WeHaveChemistry will analyse a couple’s genetics and provide feedback on their overall chemistry. They won’t be told how good or bad the relationship is, but will rather be given advice on how to make it as good as it possibly can be.

Couples will be sent a DNA kit, similar to the one Pheramor issues, as well as a questionnaire that is designed to measure emotional intimacy, physical connection, and future vision.

Dr. Barreto said in a statement: “The team is very excited about WeHaveChemistry. We’ve done our research and carefully crafted two reports: the socioemotional analysis and the DNA report. All couples will receive both reports to analyze their physical and emotional chemistry—which we refer to as their ‘Love Alchemy.

“For every single we connected with through Pheramor, there were at least three couples that wanted to complete the DNA swab to find out their compatibility.”

She explained that the science behind her products is based on the phrase “opposites attract”, which holds a degree of biological truth; couples are more likely to be attracted to one another when their immune systems are different.

There are many skeptics in the debate surrounding DNA data in online dating. eharmony CEO Grant Langston believes that singles might not want to provide cheek-swab samples due to fears about how their data might be stored or used.

Further, some scientists are not convinced that the level of scientific understanding necessary for providing compatibility recommendations has been reached.

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