Platform Dating Owners DM³ LTD Launch New Site Elimi Sallasam For Turkish Market

Elimi Sallasam
dm³ LTD, the owner of Platform Dating and ooOo, has launched a brand new online dating site for the Turkish market.

Called Elimi Sallasam, the site was created on dm³ LTD’s Platform Dating system.

The UK-based company is hoping the site can compete in the emerging market, which has a population of almost 80m and average age of 30.2, by offering a 100% free dating platform for Turkish singles.

Turkey has a larger and younger population than the UK, the population heavily concentrated into a few major cities like Istanbul, which has 14.6m people and is the fifth largest city in the world.

The founder of dm³ LTD, David Minns, said: “The technical performance of the competition is generally weak.

“For example, Elimi Sallasam has a performance grade of A and two market leaders have C according to online tool Pingdom.

“This provides a great opportunity to quickly secure a strong search engine presence.”

The name for the site, Elimi Sallasam, is a popular Turkish saying that roughly translates as: “If I raise my hand I’ll have 50 people interested in me” – a similar concept to the English saying “there’s plenty more fish in the sea.”

The site has also been localised for the language variations in the Turkish market, down to the URL and page name.

Minns explains: “The characters ü, ÅŸ and ı must be turned into escape codes in any links within the HTML of a page, database storage needs to be in UTF8 format as well as all MySQL read and writes.

“Failure to get this correct results in characters being rendered as black diamonds with question marks and very poor search engine performance.”

This localisation took just a few days, according to dm³ LTD director TuÄŸrul Korkmaz, who said that “in addition to translating about 400 language strings, modifications were made to the live chat, search preferences and geolocation assignments.”

Although web-based at the moment, dm³ LTD is hoping to branch Elimi Sallasam into mobile-web and build an app for iOS, Android and Amazon stores early next year.

Last month, ooOo, the gamified dating platform built by dm³ LTD, won the early stage category at our first ever GDI Spotlight competition – read more about the awards night here.

To find out more about Elimi Sallasam please click here.