Platform Dating User Survey Investigates Millennial Opinions


Platform Dating, the host of ooOo and, has released results from a survey of its millennial users.

The survey asked 18-to-35 year olds questions on a range of topics, from Remembrance Sunday to drugs and alcohol.

It found that just 19% of millennials were averse to sending a selfie to a crush, and that 24% would send a naked photo.

31% of respondents couldn’t rule out cheating on a partner, and 91% found it acceptable to have sex on the first date.

50% had used Tinder, making it the most common dating app among participants (apart from the host Platform Dating sites).

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat were among the most popular social media sites.

Speaking to The Sun, Platform Dating founder David Minns said of the research: “Millennials have a reputation as being entitled and egotistical.

“We looked at not just their opinion of themselves but society as a whole.

“We examined how they date, vote, which social media platforms they use, their lifestyles and their value system, too.

“It’s a fascinating insight into the minds of young people that has never been seen before.”

The survey was presented to users as they logged in to Platform Dating websites such as and ooOo.

The results may not be representative of the wider millennial population.

Read The Sun’s coverage of the survey here.