Playdate Adds Experience with New C-Level Executives

Playdates has announced the appointment of three new hires for its executive level, which the company hopes will help the brand and platform expand and grow in the coming years. Playdate is an app aimed at what it believes is an underserved market, single parents. Its app is dedicated and designed exclusively for single parents, with a focus on fostering meaningful relationships that can be built around a busy lifestyles of such parents. 

Nevine Coutry, founder, announced three new appointments to the company, designed to take it to the next level. This is alongside the reveal of £250,000 in new angel and VC investment the company recently raised. Shefir Coutry joins as co-founder, Stuart Margetts as Business Advisor and William Ho as CTO. Sherif brings skills from the marketing and branding world. Stuart is a company director with over 30 years experience in a range of industries. And Williams, with 15 years of experience in deep tech, should be able to help the growing app improve its offering to parents. Nevine said:

“I couldn’t be happier to now have a core team at Playdate. Each team member brings in a wealth of knowledge and a different area of expertise covering all functions of the business, which is absolutely fantastic and allows us to focus on our goals much more efficiently. They have each recognised the potential of Playdate and I am thrilled that they have all joined me on this journey!”

Since launching in 2021, the app has been steadily growing in use among both single dads and mums. Dating is hard enough, doing so while being a single parent is no mean feat. Time can be at more than a premium. It’s certainly a section of the market that could use dedicated help, and not surprising to see investment grow in the area.