Plenty of Fish Survey Reveals U.S. Communication Habits

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Plenty of Fish has conducted a new survey to determine the communication habits of daters across the U.S.

In the company’s second annual “Conversation Nation” study, 58% of singles found bad grammar as bad as a cold shower.

Conversation Nation looked at the dating habits of 2,000 singles across the U.S. from the ages 11-55+.

Shannon Smith, a dating expert at Plenty of Fish, told Metro: “Singles are prioritizing conversations over physical attraction.”

Smith said: “We’re seeing again and again from user testimonials and data that relationships start with a great conversation. We’re already the leader in conversations with 2.5 million happening every day on our platform, so we’ve been focused on innovating here. Beyond that, conversation excites people and creates deep connections. For example, ‘Conversation Nation 2018’ found that 60 percent of singles believe you can start falling in love from the very first conversation, which is fascinating!”

The survey discovered that 63% of U.S. singles feel conversation is the best way to try and identify a compatible partner whilst on a dating app, and 87% of people asked found someone more attractive after a conversation.

It also discovered that people are not into talking about politics, as 51% said they were tired of Trump talk, whilst 20% were over speaking about a speciality diet.

When it came to emojis, they are very much still used. 55% of Plenty of Fish users thought the top flirty emoji used was the winky face, followed by the kissy face.

Smith added: “Emojis can be cute and funny and certainly add to a conversation — and in some cases be the conversation, but if they’re not your thing, words never go out of style.”

80% of 18 – 24 years olds revealed that a text being read but not responded to is the most annoying habit on a dating app. However, just 31% of that age group said they immediately reply to messages they receive.

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