Plenty of Fish Identifies 2020 Dating Trends

Match Group brand Plenty of Fish (POF) has released a list of what it believes will be the dating terms getting singles talking in 2020.

Over 1,000 users were polled by the dating company in the US, and eight behaviours emerged as “major trends tied to dating, relationships and breakups.”

Daters can now be “Kanye’d”  – defined as being on a date with someone who only talks about themselves, or “Yellow Carded” – called out on their poor dating behaviour.

48% of POF users have experienced someone adopting all their hobbies and interests, while 45% admitted doing this to someone else. The practice has been dubbed “Eclipsing”.

Being “Glamboozled” is being stood up at the last minute, after getting dressed and ready for a date, while “White Clawing” is dating someone boring just because they are attractive. 

There is also “Cause-playing” – asking a flame to donate to a cause or Kickstarter campaign, “Dial-toning” – ignoring someone immediately after swapping numbers, and “Type-casting” –  dating people based on their Myers-Briggs personality profile.

Shannon Smith, Head of PR at Plenty of Fish, said: “Dating is changing, and our annual trends survey reflects what singles will and won’t accept from their partners.

“More than ever, singles feel empowered to have honest discussions about what behavior is and isn’t acceptable, and are being open about the things they’re looking for: ‘Yellow Carding’ is a trend that we anticipate growing throughout 2020. 

“However, trends like ‘White Clawing’ and ‘Dial-toning’ show that there are still some pain points people are experiencing as they navigate the dating world.”

Match Group announced in its recent Q3 report that it would be bringing one-to-many livestreaming to POF.

The company said streaming has proven monetisation, and is increasingly popular with younger audiences.

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