Plenty of Fish Offers New Conversation Tools with Emogi

Plenty Of Fish

Content engine Emogi has announced it will enter into a partnership with Match Group’s Plenty of Fish (POF) to offer new conversation tools to users.

Emogi will provide all of the animated sticker and GIF content to POF’s 150 million users.

The press release reads: “Rather than manually searching for content, POF users will see recommended stickers and GIFs based on the unique context of their chat, such as location, use of certain phrases or emoji, and other triggers such as time of day.

“Emogi’s technology allows its content to be surfaced for users as a natural part of their chat experience.”

Kim Kaplan, VP Product Management, Revenue Optimization & Marketing at POF, says such features can greatly improve conversations.

She adds that more conversational content will help users to start and maintain their chats in-app.

New Emogi content is uploaded daily by an in-house team of creatives.

Brands and advertisers will be able to engage with users through Emogi, having featured content rather than traditional banner ads.

“As POF users control and drive the sharing of branded content when desired, the experience affords authentic engagement for brands and demonstrable value for consumers,” says the PR.

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