Poppin – The Party Finding App

UCLA alumni Tejes Srivalsan was working on a dating app when he got invited to a party. He noticed that students, who had missed out on social experiences during the pandemic, could use an app for parties. He pivoted, and created Poppin.

Like dating apps, Poppin asks users to set up an individual profile. Once completed, they are able to search for nearby parties or host their own. Tickets, attendance lists and more are seamlessly integrated into the platform.

Once a user can see the details for a party, they can join a chat feature to communicate with other guests before the party even starts. There is also a communal folder for photos and videos, as well as an area to leave comments.

Srivalsan told the Daily Bruin that traditional social platforms are limited. “ I feel like you’re just connected with people through a screen, which is important, but it’s limiting. And I think the pandemic showed everyone how important in-person connection is. So with Poppin, our goal is to be that bridge between meeting new people”, he said.

“We want to increase community, we want random meetings to occur…”, Srivalsan explained.

He highlights that safety is key for social apps like Poppin. Over the last 10 years, rates of sexual assault, violence, and property damage during social events have all increased, Srivalsan highlights.

Therefore the app is also making sure that it has the processes in place so people feel safe and comfortable meeting new people.