PositiveSingles Launches Events Feature

PositiveSingles, the dating site for people living with sexually transmitted diseases and infections, has launched a ‘My Event’ feature. The Canadian dating app now enables users to publicise events to other members of the community.

This means that users can create a custom page for a particular event or activity, such as attending a concert or attending a pottery class. This page can then be shared so that others users can get involved and form deeper connections in-person.

“Doing an activity together is immensely more effective in getting an accurate judgement of a person’s character as well as in creating a deep connection between two people than texting, calling, or any other form of interaction. Hence, with this revolutionary new feature, PositiveSingles opens a new avenue in the dating experience”, the platform shared.

In addition to this new feature, PositiveSingles will continue to support high quality members, requiring picture ID proof for authentication. It also provides dating advice, a dating mentor, treatment stories, and care locations.

The platform looks to be a safe space where everyone can belong, and with greater security measures to protect members’ data. It has over 2 million members so far, with 15,000 daily active users.

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