Product Hunt Now Lets Users Recommend Products

Product Hunt

Product Hunt has launched a brand new Q&A-style feature, that lets members ask the community for product recommendations.

Called “Ask Product Hunt”, the new feature lets people ask their followers and the wider Product Hunt community to recommend a platform or service for them.

These suggestions can be products already listed on the platform, as well as those on Amazon, Etsy, the App Store and the web.

Product Hunt explains in a Medium post: “Next time you’re on the hunt for a new product, Ask Product Hunt.

“Simply submit your question and we’ll send a bat signal to the people that follow you and the broader community, soliciting recommendations.

“As they come in, we’ll keep you updated with their product recommendations and opinions.”

Product Hunt
The new feature shows questions under three tabs on the Ask Product Hunt page – recent, hot and needs help – and questions are always open for new replies and suggestions.

Reports have said that answers are expected to be integrated into search results soon and Product Hunt is also supposed to add the most popular questions to its homepage.

Product Hunt is a website and iOS app that lets people share and search for products and upvote or comment on those they find useful.

The site said the idea behind its new Q&A-style feature stemmed from the considerable number of tweets the company receives from people looking for product recommendations – Ask Product Hunt is expected to be an easier and more useful service for its members to find products.

Ask Product Hunt is currently available for web and mobile web and is expected to come to iOS soon.

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