QuackQuack Releases Rom-Com Romantic Effects Survey

QuackQuack has found that rom-com films are a popular choice among singles for their first movie dates. Due to this, they decided to survey users on the effect these movies have on user’s dating lives.

A survey was conducted on 20,000 users spanning across tier 1 and tier 2 cities in order to assess the effect that these movies have on their dating lives. 57% of these people expressed that they enjoyed watching rom-coms but felt as though it led to a sense of dissatisfaction in their own dating lives. This opposes the 43% that said these movies had no effect on their lives when it comes to dating.

Women in this particular survey expressed their views on romantic comedies. 19% of users, most of these being between the ages of 19 and 25, said that one lesson they learnt from this genre in movies is the importance of working on themselves before they can be in a successful relationship. Self-care and self-love is an important theme that is expressed in these movies.

21% of users believe that romantic comedies are marketed towards women and tend to have more of an effect on women opposed to men. The survey participants from metropolises such as Dehli and Hyderabad made the observation that rom-coms tend to give the impression that the problems in women’s lives revolve around romantic endeavours and their purpose in life is to find a man.

29% of daters over the age of 30 stated that rom-coms fill their brain with oxytocin and serotonin as well as allowing them to understand what their partners expect of them. 23% said they enjoyed watching these movies on the weekend with their partners.

13% of the single users aged between 21 and 28 revealed that they have a soft spot for romantic comedies.