QuackQuack Releases World Music Day Survey

QuackQuack has released a survey to understand what sway music has in their user’s dating life and matches. Per the survey reports, 28% of people said that common taste in music and entertainment has a vast effect on their dating life. They believe it will be an added advantage to match with people who either share the same taste in music as them or are big-time music lovers. For them, music not only is an exciting topic on its own, but it also inspires other interesting conversations about different times in a person’s life.

Music Lovers Get More Matches

Per the survey report, nearly 19% of QuackQuack users from tier 1 and 2 cities have talked about their love for music and their favorite artists in their profiles, which they think, in turn, got them relatable matches. They revealed that good taste in music is like a trophy; people want to match with you more based on that. 27% of people believe that good taste in music indicates higher intellect. Keep this in mind while updating your bio the next time. Music matters in the matters of love!

34% of QuackQuack male users mentioned that music is a great icebreaker when you match with someone new. Once you have something in common with your match, it gives more subjects to discuss with them, like which genre they like more, what artist is their favorite, and so on.

Ignorant About Music? It’s Not a Match.

31% of people between 25 and 30 disclosed that they would not prefer dating someone who is not into music. They queried what kind of a grim and joyless person would not like music. Music and love have gone hand in hand for ages. And, when a potential match has no interest in it, most people show no interest in them. Your playlist, or lack of one, might be putting your love life into perils. Note it down.

Several pieces of research show that we attract and are attractive to people with similar tastes and common likings. We recommend matching with someone with an equal love for music if you are passionate about it.

“Our Song”

35% of women said that the concept of having “our song” is very appealing, and that’s only possible if your partner shares your taste in music or at least has a good taste of their own.

Most couples have a song that defines their relationship or some milestone. Music plays a very romantic role in people’s love life.

Sharing playlists is Millenials’ Love Language!

If you think you have an awesome playlist, don’t shy away from sharing it with your match. 24% of people between 20 and 25 expressed that if their match sends them songs, they consider it to be utterly cute and thoughtful. For the Millenials, it is not only a love language; they also think sharing your playlist is a sign of a healthy relationship.

Music mending broken hearts.

34% of the survey participants disclosed that music had helped a lot after their breakups. Some said they listened to music to feel pumped again after a breakup. While for some others, listening to music was the only way to stop the memories from crushing their heart. Music has been the soothing balm to broken hearts forever!

A Word From QuackQuack

The world of online dating has opened up numerous avenues to find like-minded people and fall in love. QuackQuack’s Founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal, commented, “Some are attracted by the scent, facial features, or personality of a potential match. But many times, we have seen a connection starting between the ears. What’s playing in your earbuds is enticing the other person. Your shared love for music could be the beginning of a beautiful love story.”

Luke Smith

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