QuackQuack Shares Weekly Growth of Suspended Accounts

Indian dating app QuackQuack has taken an innovative step forward in dating app transparency, choosing to give users weekly updates on the number of accounts its suspended. The move aims to demonstrate the app’s commitment to safety and proactive action. 

When QuackQuack users visit the Privacy and Safety section of the app, they will be able to see the number of banned accounts and find safety tips. 

“We witness approximately 250 profiles getting reported by users and automatic filters every day”, shared Ravi Mittal, QuackQuack’s Founder and CEO.

“Almost 85% of the user-reported profiles are suspended after checking the genuinity of the report, and 95% of automatically reported profiles get banned after further investigations. Now we have made it available for our 21 million users to check the number of profiles banned from our platform”, he added.

With the data freely available, a poll of 10,000 users revealed 47% were in favour of the initiative. The information can also be found on the platform’s website.

QuackQuack shares that its platform’s 12 step verification process helps ensure fraudulent actors will struggle to make it onto the app. Moderators use information such as user info, IP City, IP Country, OS Information, and more to track and suspend fake profiles.

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