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Rabble Social Discovery App Feeds Thousands

Rabble is a Social Discovery platform for the socially conscious. While finding a good cause, you can find like minded people. And that is no better demonstrated than at a recent event in collaboration with Everybody Eats Philly. The partnership of Everybody Eats Philly and Rabble,  has helped transform an event that a few years back fed 200 people, but now feeds over 2,000 people. It’s a community event to celebrate Juneteenth, a widely celebrated day across America (when the last enslaved people in America were freed in 1865).

Rabble as a platform is a super interesting take on Social Discovery. It’s not a platform about matching with people, but with causes. You let Rabble know which important social issues you care about, and the platform informs you with what is going on in your local area, what events you can support and what groups you can join. It’s a brilliant idea, and indirectly can help people find new friends with similar interests. 

As reported by Yahoo, the Co founder of Rabble said about the Everybody Eats Philly collaboration event:

“The annual Juneteenth BBQ allows us to engage with a core subset of Philadelphia’s youth, offering them a single destination to remain connected and discover future actions to support in their community. We’re proud to partner with such an impactful nonprofit and honored to have a seat at their table as we continue to make strides in our goal to curate local impact experiences in cities across the country.”

Getting involved in the local community and causes has always been a fantastic way to make new friends. The Rabble platform is very cleverly taking advantage of that, and delivering that experience in a way that appeals to younger people – a generation very comfortable going online, and using social networking apps. It’s the local notice board in the village hall taken online. It’s a very new platform, Rabble, but it is a fantastic idea, that allows you to improve the local community, while improving your social life. There is blockchain / NFT aspect to the platform that seems somewhat added on and out of place on the website, but this is a social discovery platform worth keeping an eye on. Maybe a dabble in Rabble?

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