RealMe Introduces New Software to Detect Fake Profiles

RealMe introduced its new technological software to tackle the rising number of false online dating profiles, and announced the development at last week’s GDI New York Conference.

The company developed ‘Check’ after an FTI Consulting report revealed that nearly half of American daters believed it was important to look good online, even if it meant distorting the truth. They have been dubbed Generation Liar or ‘Gen L’.

To improve online dater safety, ‘Check’ provides in-app ID scans and more than 325 million personal background checks to identify misleading profiles.

Jeff Tinsley, the founder of RealMe, said: “What this FTI Consulting report reveals is the Internet has given way to an entirely new societal trend, ‘Generation Liar,’ where online fraud is not only committed in soaring numbers but also expected by most people. 

“Researchers also found that the majority of online daters were interested in a tech solution that would empower them to check people’s reputations online. That’s where RealMe can help.” 

The research analysed data from 6,541 US-based participants and discovered that daters of all generations admitted to lying online, though the percentage decreased with age. 

61% of Gen Z and 52% of millennials admitted adding fake or distorted information to their profiles, compared to 44% of Gen X and 19% of Baby Boomers.

Furthermore, 12% of Gen Z had created fake profiles and 16% had used a friend’s photo. Only 2% of Baby Boomers admitted to creating fake profiles, while 5% said they had used someone else’s photo on their profile.

RealMe has also partnered with Spectrum Labs which became the newest associate of the Online Dating Association at the beginning of the month.

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