REDDI Needs Male Users to Find Gender Balance

REDDI, the private members-only dating app, is on the hunt for male users. After leaving behind its beta testing period, the platform has a ratio of 75% female and 25% male members. It is now calling on men to register and balance the playing field.

What makes this interesting is that many dating apps face the opposite problem, with a surplus of men and not enough female users. However, REDDI shares that it has seen women signing up due to its unique features which encourage emotional intelligence and authenticity.

“We have found that women appreciate our commitment to creating a safe and respectful dating environment, and that this has resulted in more women joining our app”, it explains.

To encourage more men to sign up, the app has released some interesting statistics. REDDI shares that male users have a 40% higher chance of getting a match compared to male users on other dating platforms.

It also shares that female users are highly engaged, with 80% logging in at least once a day. Furthermore women on the app are more likely to initiate conversations with male matches, suggesting a greater interest and engagement.

Stacy Thomson, REDDI’s founder, shared “We believe that our app offers a unique opportunity for men who are serious about finding a partner. With our emphasis on emotional intelligence and authenticity, we are confident that male users will find our app to be a refreshing change from other dating apps.”

Reddi uses Attachment Styles to match users, helping singles who are ready for healthy relationships to connect. The platform offers free Attachment Style tests, with its website and further details found here.

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