Regional App Economy Trends from Liftoff’s 2018 Engagement Index


User acquisition specialists Liftoff have released the 2018 edition of the Mobile App Engagement Index, now in association with mobile marketing platform Leanplum.

In this series of articles, GDI covers some of the key findings from the report. Here, we consider some of the regional patterns which the data has uncovered.

The Index draws on App Annie’s model of market growth, suggesting that a given regional app economy may be in the ‘experimentation’, ‘expansion’ or ‘maturation’ phase.

Regions which are experimenting see high numbers of downloads, while markets in the ‘expansion’ phase see growth in subscriptions for specific, successful apps. Mature markets see high downloads and subscriptions.

Latin America is given as an example of a market which is experimenting; users here download many apps, but poor payment infrastructure and other issues combine into low registration rates.

EMEA and APAC are described as expanding markets, but there is a high degree of variety within each region. Users in these geographies have a “passion” for making purchases, according to the report.

North America is a mature app economy, with “sophisticated” users in a “saturated” market. Marketers face a competitive landscape to acquire users in this space.

That said, “It’s an audience worth fighting for, and marketers who fight smart—using data to understand and engage their audiences at intent-rich moments—will be richly rewarded.”

Find the full report here.