Relate – A Platform for Intentional Dating

Swedish dating platform Relate is looking to bring together like-minded singles, while encouraging self discovery and personal growth.

The philosophy behind the app

Relate is not just a more authentic dating-app for long-lasting relationships, it’s a more intentional approach to life and love. We humans need to slow down, tune in and become more reflective, autonomous and value-anchored as individuals, in order to thrive in today’s fast-paced, ambiguous world of uncertainty and complexity.

Relate was founded upon the belief that personal inner development is the key to both deeper connection and a meaningful, long-lasting relationship. More specifically, the journey to finding and choosing the right partner for you starts with becoming clear on what you need and value in your life and in a relationship. Basically, who you want to be and how you want to live your life, and use that as a basis for partner searching.

The problem Relate is looking to solve

The biggest challenge today in dating and relationships is not about finding a partner, it is the lack of awareness of what singles need and want in a relationship. 70% of all new relationships end within the first year, and nearly half of all marriages in the West end in divorce. The Relate team believes the reason for this is that we enter new relationships unintentionally based on attraction or some similarity, only to find out later that we didn’t really want the same things, or that we’re not compatible in terms of fulfilling each other’s needs in the relationship.

How the app works

The app experience centers on personal values in order to give users a tool to understand and evaluate their compatibility easier. To create your profile, you select what you value most in certain aspects of your life and relationships. Then, you select and answer three prompts, carefully curated to generate answers that reflect what you value and want in life. The app also separate photos into profile photos and lifestyle photos, in order to generate profiles that not only show the surface of a person, but actually gives you a peek into that person’s life.

Then, based on your values and preferences, Relate matches you with a batch of profiles each day, and if there’s mutual interest, you’re encouraged to start a conversation around the content in each other’s profiles.

The Relate community

Regarding the community Relate serves, the app is available to anyone who feels ready for a committed relationship. It does however see a very strong core group in growth-minded singles where our user base peaks around 30 year olds, but it is  seeing high numbers and activity from 25-40 year olds.

Additional context

Relate has grown a strong brand and presence in Sweden, and are right now investigating alternative ways for how to take this intentional approach of partner finding to more markets, where incubation by a larger dating corporation is an attractive option it is currently looking at. 

Relate is also exploring the implementation of a super premium service that includes a personal matchmaker and coach that will set you up on dates, without you having to spend a lot of time in the app.

You can find out more about the Relate platform at its website here.