‘Relate’ Launches ‘Relationships Week’ to Support Post-Lockdown Connections

Relate, one of the UK’s leading relationship support charities, is running its first ‘Relationships Week’ to highlight the profuse importance of healthy connections.

The charity launched the social media campaign to help the British public form stronger relationships as the country comes out of lockdown. The extended period of isolation has either helped relationships flourish or put them under pressure.

The theme of the week is ‘Relationships Unlocked’ to mark the end of lockdown but also to encourage natural conversations about every aspect of relationships.

Aidan Jones, Relate’s Chief Executive, said in a statement: “This Relationships Week, we want to help everyone celebrate the best of their lockdown relationship realisations and address the more difficult ones. We have a unique opportunity here – the role of relationships is clearly front-of-mind for many.

“I’m encouraging everyone to start a conversation about their relationships this week, whether it’s to thank someone for their support during lockdown or to begin addressing issues that have been swept under the carpet in recent months.”“

The campaign is being promoted by CLiKD, the London-based startup dating app. The two organisations have worked together in the past for the ‘Love In London’ photography competitions that celebrated the best parts of living in the city.

Relate conducted a survey with 2,000 people to find out more about their beliefs. 61% of respondents said that lockdown made them realise that relationships are the most important thing in their lives.

10% now want to propose to their partner, but 8% admitted that they now realise that they need to split up or get a divorce.

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Dominic Whitlock

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