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Report Shows How Reddit is a Platform For Social Discovery

Reddit has released a report in conjunction with the British Film Institute (BFI) that shows how the platform is a strong place of social discovery for film fans. Reddit styles itself as a place that fans can come to connect with other film fans, sharing reviews, recommendations and the latest news. 

You can download the full report produced by Reddit and BFI here. It found that movie fans in the UK rate reddit as the number 1 platform for reviews of the latest movies, more so than on other platforms such as TikTok, Instagram or Twitter. In fact, the survey suggested that UK entertainment lovers head to reddit in high numbers to get their latest news about TV and Film – some 62 per cent. Furthermore, the report found that on Reddit, every hour, 245 entertainment recommendations are made by redditors for films and TV. 

Reddit said that:

“The findings prove Reddit is at the heart of the digital fan experience offering entertainment brands the unique opportunity to engage with an entertainment loving audience across every stage of the entertainment release cycle, from content discovery to helping drive footfall in cinema.”

For the cinema industry, social discovery and sharing sites like this are vital. Reddit users indicated that they are 53 per cent more likely to see a film in the cinema if it has been recommended on reddit as opposed to it being recommended on other platforms. 

The democratic and community feel of Reddit’s entertainment hubs seem to make it a place where trusted reviews and opinions can rise to the top. It Allows for a more reliable platform for people to discover new and old movies alike. How often the social discovery goes deeper than that on Reddit is another question. It’s a place like-minded individuals can chat, but is less often a place where friendship blooms from that discussion.

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