Research Finds 30% of US Have Used an Online Dating Platform

Results from the Pew Research Centre show that more than half of Americans who have never been married have used dating sites or apps.

30% US adults say they have previously taken part in online dating, but the share of respondents differs sharply by marital status.

Whilst the ‘never been married’ category produced the highest level of users, the largest jump between results from 2015 and 2019 are from the ‘living with a partner’ category, which has risen from 15% to 46%.

In terms of other categories of research, 16% of those who are married said they had used a dating apps or sites (a rise of 9% from 2015), whilst 35% of those who have been divorced, separated, or widowed have as well (a rise of 16% from 2015). 

Although married adults report the lowest rate of previous online dating use, married millennials are more active than older generations.

Around three-in-ten married millennials say they have used an online dating platform. This is compared with 17% among married Gen Xers, 7% of Boomers and 4% of those in the Silent Generation.

Furthermore, 5% of cohabiting and 3% of married people say they are currently using a dating service.

Find the full results here.

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