Research Finds 44% Of Dating App Users Trust Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

The latest study from cybersecurity firm Kaspersky has found that 44% of people using a dating app said they would trust the selections and matches of artificial intelligence.

For some respondents, algorithms are especially important, as dating apps make the process of dating easier for 54% of those surveyed.

Conducted globally with 18,000 people across 27 countries, the study, titled ‘Love In An Algorithmic Age’, revealed how deeply entrenched dating apps are in contemporary matchmaking, and the recent transformations in how users find love.

David Jacoby, a security researcher at Kaspersky, explained: “[The] results of our research show that many people positively perceive the introduction of AI into dating applications.”

Modern daters will reportedly have more relationships in their lifetime, and therefore more breakups before finding ‘the one’.

41% of respondents believe that dating apps have led to an increase in casual relationships, while 37% believe that people are more likely to talk to multiple potential partners at once.

Earlier this month, Kaspersky’s Senior Malware Analyst Tatyana Shishkova spoke at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where she presented findings from a study the company conducted in 2017.

Nine leading dating companies were analysed to find existing issues within their data handling systems. Kaspersky then made suggestions about how they could better protect their community and steps that daters could make to look after themselves.

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