Right-Wing Christian Groups Seek Reversal of LGBTQ Employment Discrimination Ruling

Conservative Christian church groups in the US are campaigning to grant employees the right to fire staff members who engage in homosexual activity, such as using LGBTQ dating apps.

A brief was filed in a Texas District Court requesting that they be exempt from a previous Supreme Court ruling, which they claim violates their religious freedom. 

The ruling in questions explicitly bans anti-LGBTQ employment prejudice and prevents employers from discriminating based on sex, orientation or gender identity. However, it doesn’t apply to organisations of fewer than 15 people or Native American groups.

According to Advocate, the new brief explains: “The plaintiffs have sincere and deeply held religious beliefs that marriage is limited to a man and a woman, that sex is to be reserved for marriage, and that men and women are to dress and behave in accordance with distinct and God-ordained, biological sexual identity.

“[The Supreme Court ruling] requires that the plaintiffs operate their businesses contrary to their religious beliefs by denying them the ability to prescribe standards of conduct and deportment for their employees.”

It also states that their religion teaches them to obey civil authorities, so they claim that there is currently no clear way to act without violating their beliefs.

Some commentators expect the plaintiffs to be successful in overturning the ruling at a local level, but it is unlikely that any changes will be made by higher courts.

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