Ryan Reynolds Introduces ‘Match Devil’ to Mint Mobile Ads

The Devil has made another advertising appearance, this time in a commercial for Mint Mobile, the US cell service provider co-owned by movie star Ryan Reynolds.

The Canadian actor and entrepreneur has been a member of the Match Group Board of Directors since July, following the separation from IAC.

This cameo shows the Devil returning as an employee of ‘Big Wireless’, a generic cell service provider that represents Mint Mobile’s more established competitors on the market.

It pokes fun at these companies’ apparent poor customer service, high prices, hidden fees, and painfully long contracts. At the beginning of the placement, the Devil says “Finding love on Match inspired me to look for other ways to be happy”, which indicates a marketing crossover between the two brands.

He first rose from the flames during an advert for the online dating service in late 2020, in a 90-second film directed by Ryan Reynolds’ very own production agency, Maximum Effort.

The Devil began by sitting on a throne surrounded by fire, before getting a notification saying that he has been matched with a woman called ‘2020’.

The pair meet up for a date which consists of stealing toilet paper, using socially-distanced gym equipment, and having a picnic in an empty sports stadium. They conclude the day by both agreeing that they don’t want the year to end while watching a meteor crash into a bridge.

Watch the full advert here.

Luke Smith

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