Say goodbye to face swiping: this dating app matches you in a different way!


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Huggle is the first dating app to match people based on common places. The app works under the principle that common interests and lifestyle bring people closer together than physical attraction. Which makes total sense because why swipe and match with random people who you have nothing in common with?

Here’s why else you need to download Huggle ASAP:

It does the work for YOU

Huggle uses hyper-local technology which automatically checks you in to the places you visit. The app adds your locations, where you can view your places and tap to reveal who else goes there. It’s up to you if you want to swipe through people’s profiles or go through your list of places. When you finally discover someone interesting, you can either view their profile, press ‘like’, or send them a message.


It stops you going on dead-end dates

We’ve all been on a date where half way through spending time together you realise you have nothing in common with that person. Luckily Huggle shows you how many places you have in common with people, which is not only a great ice breaker, it also shows you how like-minded you are. This saves any time wasted all round.

Anyone can use Huggle

Whether you want to find a date, mate or both – Huggle gives you the option to search whatever will suit your mood. It’s pretty fun and bespoke!

It has safety features

Huggle uses Facebook sign up and a one-minute photo verification to prevent fake profiles. This in turn also stops abusive behaviour on the app. That’s right, no d**k pics and catfish!

It makes you exercise

Huggle makes you identify your lifestyle pretty quickly. The more places you visit, the more people you’ll meet. Honestly, it becomes an addictive to habit; wherever you go – you have to open Huggle!

Download Huggle for free!

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