SC Holdings Looks to Increase Stake in Now Dating Ltd

SC Holdings Corp., a management company traded publicly over-the-counter, has announced it is in active negotiations to increase its stake in Now Dating Ltd. It acquired 5% of the business in January 2019, but is now looking for a controlling share.

Now encourages users to meet up immediately by incorporating a search for people available to date at specific times. 

They can also set preferred dating activities, and describe the kinds of relationship that they’re looking for.

The app is moving to integrate more artificial intelligence in the near future, as well as adding compatibility with a range of voice recognition technologies. 

Now will soon be available on Alexa, Siri, and Google assist, enabling new kinds of interaction for singles. 

An example of a message from a smart speaker was given by the company in a press release: “There’s someone close by we think you’re going to be attracted to, and she’s also attracted to you, she’s free tomorrow night and we know you both like sushi, so would you like us to book you this particular restaurant?”

The investment would match SC Holdings Corp.’s wider portfolio strategy of acquiring companies which focus on digital media. The firm claims its Digital Media division covers SAAS, mobile apps and cloud based services. 

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