Sean Rad Talks More About An AI-Assisted Online Dating World


Tinder Chairman Sean Rad has spoken again about how the dating platform might integrate AI in the future.

On Monday, Rad spoke at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Tel Aviv, Israel, about how AI could be integrated into Tinder.

He reiterated his earlier vision, which he outlined at the Start-Up Grind conference and on The Forbes Interview podcast, that online dating could soon see singles rely more heavily on technology to find a date.

Rad predicts that Tinder might integrate some kind of personal assistant, to recommend matches and help to organise offline dates.

At the Forbes Under 30 Summit, Rad said: “AI is going to empower new user experiences. I think in the future, you’re going to be working less for the answer that you’re looking for.

“As devices get smarter, you’re just going to get the results. It’s not hard to imagine a world where you’re talking to your device – there’s an enmeshment between what your tech can do and what you’re experiencing in real time.”

This isn’t the first time that Rad has spoken about integrating AI into the dating service.

In February, Rad laid out his vision of what an AI-assisted online dating world might look like at the Start-Up Grind conference and on The Forbes Interview podcast.

He said at the time: “We are going to move towards a world where I open an app where I talk to my device and I get an answer. I ask a question and I get an answer. I don’t do a lot of work, I don’t navigate too much. I’m not given too many options.

“That’s going to be fuelled by AR, in particular, and I think AI is going to help make a world where you’re sort of spending less time being inundated with sort of content and noise and more time sort of focusing on quality and the answers.

“So imagine you open Tinder one day and, you know, the Tinder assistant says: “You know, Sean, there’s a beautiful girl, someone that you’re going to find very attractive down the street.

“You have a lot of things in common and your common friend is Justin and you’re both free Thursday night and there’s this great concert that you both want to go to and can I set up a date? And here is a little bit more info about her.”

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