Seeking.com And Reflex Media CEO Steps Down

It has been announced that Brandon Wade is stepping down as CEO of Seeking.com and Reflex Media, effective immediately. The company said that “Wade has tapped current COO/CTO Ruben Buell to take the helm and move the companies forward in exciting, new directions.”

Wade will continue to support the leadership team, sharing his continued insights and expertise as a guide for the global staff and personnel but will no longer be an executive or involved in the daily operations of the companies.

Departing CEO, Brandon Wade, said: “The evolution of Seeking reflects my personal journey and evolution. When I founded one of the most successful dating sites in the world, I was completely clueless about love. Now that I have met and understand true unconditional love, all I want is to focus on and learn more about embodying and spreading love.”

Wade hopes he can help others avoid the same mistakes he’s made as they search for their own versions of happiness.

Buell, who found his soulmate years ago, albeit not online, has more than two decades of professional experience with online dating platforms. Originally from Texas, he attended the University of Texas at Arlington and in 1998, began his career in the finance industry. Leveraging his skills and technical expertise, he simultaneously established and built a technology-driven company focused on developing a state-of-the-art ad-serving system to service the rapidly growing online space. 

“After crossing paths with Brandon repeatedly for over a decade, I reached out to him for a collaboration,” says incoming head Ruben Buell, about first joining Reflex Media.  As Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Buell was brought on board  to drive the innovation behind Seeking through recruitment of the world’s best talent and implementation of advanced technology to solve real world problems in online dating. “I’m excited for this next adventure and look forward to continuing Seeking’s success for years to come.” 

Since Buell joined the company over three years ago, his responsibilities have been expanded to include Chief Operating Officer (COO) duties and he has been at the forefront of leading the company in exponential YOY growth, surpassing 40M members globally. As CEO, Buell will continue his current duties while assuming leadership of all companies, which includes additional executive and fiscal responsibilities.

Luke Smith

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