Serial Daters: A Red Flag?

A new study from Badoo found that the UK is split 50/50 on whether they would start a relationship with a serial dater.

Among those who would avoid a serial dater, the most common explanations were that they would find it hard to trust them, they’re worried the serial dater won’t take things serious enough, that the serial dater is only in it for the chase, or that the serial dater will drop them for someone else.

Alternatively, some respondents believe that relationship history isn’t something to judge someone on. Others see no reason why serial daters shouldn’t be given a chance. 

“Something to bear in mind before you launch yourself full throttle into a romance with someone who has a reputation for being a serial dater is to ask yourself what you desire from the situation”, says Persia Lawson, a dating expert.

“Are you just looking for a bit of fun, or do you want something more serious? Either way, be clear and upfront about this with said person from the get-go – and ask them the same question”, Lawson continues. 

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