Sexlog Dating App Hosts Sex Summit 2023

Sexlog, Brazil’s largest adult social network, is set to host Sex Summit 2023 in São Paulo on November 8th. Representing one of the largest sextech conferences in the world, the event has already sold out.

Sexlog, which has more than 19 million registered users, is Brazil’s largest sex and swing social network. The Sex Summit event focuses on new technologies and trends in the sextech market, as well as connecting startups, investors, and established brands.

Tickets for the 2023 event are sold out, but interested parties can register for the 2024 waiting list here.

Sex Summit highlighted that sextech is associated with dating apps and sex shops, but it is also oftentimes been the pioneering force behind society-wide innovations. These include video rental stores and the shift from VHS to streaming, online card payments, subscription models, and more.

Confirmed speakers for the 2023 Sex Summit are: 

Leya Tanit: CEO and founder of Pineapple Support, a non-profit organization that provides mental health resources for professionals in the adult industry.

Edney Souza (InterNey): Professor, speaker, and Technology and Innovation advisor. Co-founder of 7 startups, including Pólvora, boo-box, 00k, and SigmaGeek. One of the top voices on LinkedIn in Brazil.

Ian Black: CEO at New Vegas and a prominent digital critic, using his authority to drive opinions and reflections on business structures, leadership, and organizational models.

Vanessa Mathias: Co-founder of White Rabbit, entrepreneur, researcher, editor at Chicken or Pasta, and columnist at Terra.

Leandro Kitamura: CEO of Esapiens, a 100% Brazilian company investing in and boosting new businesses in the adult industry.

Marie Declerq and Thiago Dias (Brasil Para Maiores): Experienced reporters at UOL, sharing their experiences producing a project inspired by the adult industry for one of Brazil’s largest communication portals.

Lídia Cabral: The mind behind Tech 4 Sex, Lídia will share the latest innovations and trends in the sector from innovation and Sextech events worldwide.

Vicente Góes: Psychologist, consultant-partner at LabVi and Simplexidade, and a researcher in organizational complexity.

Fabrício Furtado: Marketing manager at Fatal Model, sharing the challenges of working in a niche surrounded by taboos and his extensive experience in online and offline strategies.

Bryony Cole (SexTech School) – ONLINE: A global authority and expert in sex tech, Bryony will discuss the dos and don’ts of starting a sex tech business and the lessons she has learned from helping those who ventured into this area.

Mayumi Sato, CMO of Sexlog and one of Sex Summit’s founders, highlighted that the conference will be ideal for those looking for new business opportunities in the adult industry, saying:

“Our intention is for it to be a two-way communication. The interaction goes beyond the lectures; the space is for the exchange of ideas and connections. This extends to those working in the Sextech segment, as well as professionals in technology, marketing, and other areas who can benefit from both the content and networking”.

Find out more about Sex Summit 2023 by visiting its website here. 

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