Single Muslim Adds Unicorn and Panda to #SingleMoji Campaign

Single Muslim is continuing to add to its #SingleMoji campaign and has released two new character videos in the past week.

Adeem Younis, the CEO of Single Muslim, spoke last month at the GDI London Dating Conference 2018 and explained the campaign was designed to cover all the different types of singles and the struggles they face when searching for a partner.

Previously, a monkey emoji, a cat emoji and a pile of poop emoji have explained their dating experiences.

The fourth video introduces a unicorn named Iman from Oxford. She hates being patronized on dates and says: “I don’t need somebody who’s gonna mansplain everything to me because I do have intelligence of my own.”

The most recent video was released yesterday and features a panda from Edinburgh called Shanaz.

She explains that she doesn’t want “100mph guys” but rather just someone to wake up next to and who will care for her.

She said: “I struggle waking up for Fajr. I love sleeping so I need someone to roll me out of bed.”

Adeem Younis wrote a guest post for GDI which reflects on the 18 years that he has been running Single Muslim, as well as talking about his experience at GDI London 2018.

He has also just announced that he will be running his third London Marathon for Penny Appeal’s Thirst Relief. Younis is the chairman of Penny Appeal and the money he raises will help provide clean water to people in Africa by building wells and pumps.

Visit the Single Muslim website here.