Claims 50,000 Marriages

single muslim, one of the world’s largest Muslim dating sites, has claimed that it is responsible for 50,000+ marriages.

Founder Adeem Younis said of the milestone: “I am always hearing new stories about successful couples and have seen for myself a shift in the attitude to our service, with many people now readily using terms such as ‘Halal Dating’ to describe it”.

The platform, which is geared towards matrimony, launched in Yorkshire in 2000. Younis notes that one of his motivations getting started was the tension caused by forced marriage in muslim communities.

The site looked to address the issue technologically, and “provide a secure environment for Muslims to search for their own ideal marriage partner online”.

Around 10% of profiles are created by family members on the site, however, which describes as “parents and elders using the site to do the matchmaking”.

The service recently hit 1 million UK users (some 31% of British Muslims), and has over 2 million users globally.

Younis states that the next move for the company will be to try to expand into markets such as India and Pakistan, as the company begins to drive for for “100 million members worldwide!”

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