Singles Getting To Know Each Other First During Lockdown Dating

New research from a Singles In America report has found that singles are getting to know each other better first, before meeting for a physical date.

Dating in 2020 has never been more different. Singles have had to adjust to meeting in a virtual sphere, and going months on end without legally seeing a potential partner.

The research has found that 63% of singles are getting to know their potential partner better before meeting in a physical format, and 59% have said that using features such as video and virtual dating have led to more meaningful conversations.

The data also shows that daters have become less concerned about their appearance or physical approach when dating virtually, with 63% less concerned about their appearance when video dating, and 69% are more honest in their interactions. Virtual dating has also expanded the boundaries of where you can really get to know people, with 58% of singles shifting further towards international dating.

Many daters have shown that they are ready to stop virtual dating and get back to the real thing. Two thirds of singles have said they are ready to get back to dating in real life, with Gen Z males being the most ready, but 36% of singles have said they will be more selective about who they date.

2020 has also made daters more aware of their own position on politics and political movements. Data shows that 76% of singles believe it is important for a potential partner to share the same political beliefs – a 25% increase. 59% of singles also want to make sure that any potential partner shares support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and 21% of singles will ask to ensure that any potential partner has been practicing social distancing.

Dr. Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist and chief scientific adviser to Match, said, “Today’s singles want to know who you are, where you’re headed financially, and what you expect from a possible partnership. And with the rise of video dating—a new stage in the courtship process—singles are saving time, money, and kissing fewer frogs.”

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