App Usage Accounts For 50% Of Time Spent On Digital Media For Americans

Time On Digital Media

A recent report by comScore has revealed that people are continuing to use their smartphones more than ever, with usage rates far outnumbering those of tablet and desktop devices.

And although people are using their smartphones to access the web (7%), comScore has said app usage on smartphones makes up for 50% of total time spent on digital media platforms.

ComScore’s Adam Lella said: “The high usage of smartphone apps compared to other media touchpoints shouldn’t come as much of a shock when you think about your daily online behaviour.

“Chances are when you want to know what’s happening around the world, or in pop culture, or in your friends’ lives, your first move is to reach into your pocket and open one of the number of different social apps on your phone.

“And unless you already happen to be sitting at a computer, a smartphone app is probably your first option when you decide to listen to music, get directions to a destination, check the weather or catch up on email.”

Time On Digital Media

ComScore’s results show that smartphone usage takes up a huge 57% of user time spent on digital media, with desktop lagging behind with 32%.

And tablet users are suffering even more at the expense of the smartphone, with just 7% of time spent on the web and 2% on apps.

Lella said: “In the near term smartphone apps are likely to grow their share of digital beyond the 50% mark, but desktop and tablets will maintain critical roles in consumers’ online consumption for the foreseeable future.

“It’s important, however, that publishers and advertisers understand the outsized influence that smartphone apps have and will continue to have, and that they plan their digital strategies with this information in mind.”

To find out more about comScore and its recent digital media report please click here.

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