Smartphones are ‘Most Important’ Device, According to GlobalWebIndex Report

The GlobalWebIndex report on devices, released this month, covered how consumers are using their appliances to access the internet.

On Wednesday, GDI published an article describing the first section of the report, which focused on device ownership. It revealed that more people now own a smartphone than a PC/Laptop.

In correlation to this rise in ownership, more users consider their smartphone to be their most important device. 67% of the 110,000+ people who were surveyed said it was their smartphone, compared to just 31% who chose their PC/Laptop.

Only 3% of respondents thought their tablet was the most important. The GlobalWebIndex analysts said this figure: “[Furthered tablets] long-standing position as an add-on to other devices.”

In terms of screen-time, smartphone usage has climbed from 1:17 to 3:16 since 2012, while PC/Laptops have dropped slightly from 4:19 to 3:27. 

Overall, screen time on the three devices has increased from 5:36 to 6:43. A number of tech companies, including Facebook, Apple and Google, introduced ‘Time Well Spent’ features to try and make users aware of how long they are spending online.

Bumble also launched a ‘Snooze’ feature so singles can take time away from the service to avoid dating app burnout.

This section of the report concluded by showing what users were doing during their time online.

The most popular activities on smartphones are social networks, instant messaging and watching videos, while PCs/Laptops are mainly used for search engines, social networks and e-commerce.

Read the full report here.