Smitten: Scandinavia’s Rising Dating Platform

Dating app Smitten is on an impressive journey across Northern Europe as it amasses investments and new users. The platform, which connects users through innovative in-app games, has already seen over 400,000 downloads with 15 million messages sent.

Global Dating Insights reported in 2021 that the startup had closed a funding round with $2.7 million collected. This was only the beginning however, as the platform secured $10 million in Series A funding a year later, taking in investments from a range of organisations including Makers Fund, Possible Ventures, and Wonder Invest.

Its impressive funding has not been without reason. The platform has an impressive 54 to 46 ratio between men and women, with most users 25 years old or younger. In 2022, it was also revealed to be Iceland’s number one dating app.

With a series of interactive mini-games, its no surprise the app appeals to Gen Z singles.

These games include an interactive version of Two Truths and a Lie. Users can share the three statements on their page, with potential matches given the opportunity to pick out the lie. The results are then shared automatically into a chat between the users, creating a conversation starter.

Another game sees users answering a questionnaire, with potential matches given the opportunity to guess what their answers might be. After 10 correct guesses, potential matches are given extra exposure to the user as a reward.

Other features on the app include matches being automatically deleted after seven days. 

“Auto-deleting matches is a great way to reduce all the worst parts of ghosting. If you’ve ever used a dating app you know the feeling and anxiety of having an inbox full of uncomfortable silences and chats that didn’t workout”, explained Asgeir Visir, CXO & Co-Founder.

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