S’More Introduces AWS Rekognition to Verify 100% of Users

S’More has introduced the use of AWS Rekognition in an attempt to verify 100% of users, creating a safer dating environment for all. The anti-superficial dating platform announced it is using advanced Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services to build one of the safest and most secure dating apps on the market.

S’More is among the first U.S. dating apps to use Amazon Rekognition, a deep learning-based image and video analysis service, to protect daters from fake profiles and remove banned content. The introduction comes as dating apps are seeing a rise in fraud and catfishing around the holiday season.

Authenticity is a top priority for daters in 2021, with 71% of S’More users saying in a recent survey that they plan to be more authentic in their photos, messages, and more. S’More said that AWS Rekognition is helping to create this more authentic dating environment by enabling S’More to find false profiles & ‘catfishers’ 50% faster and increasing the chances that inauthentic profiles can be removed before they interact with verified users. In addition, S’More can remove users who break the app’s photo policy by having banned content in their profile photos, including depictions of hate acts, racist images, fake or licensed photos, images of illegal activity, pornography, foul language, and more.

S’More previously verified each user upon registration. Amazon Rekognition will enable S’More to automatically re-verify the user whenever a profile photo is changed via facial recognition, and can also check for banned content using the service’s content moderation capability. The technology will also enable S’More to block accounts of known catfishers or bad actors if they try to return.

Adam Cohen-Aslatei, founder & CEO of S’More, said: “Weeding out false profiles is paramount to the user experience on S”More. AWS services offer next-level technology and protection for our singletons that cannot be found on other dating apps. My hope is that all relationship apps provide a safer experience to the millions of singles out there. Enough is enough. We have the technology to do better as an industry, now we need to make it a priority and take action!”

Eric Feagler, Global Startups Leader at Amazon Web Services, said: “By building on AWS, S’More has the performance, security, and breadth of services it needs to create a safer, more engaging community for its rapidly growing user base. We look forward to continuing to help S’More reinvent the online dating experience in the years ahead.”

Luke Smith

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