Snapchat Launches ‘After Dark’ Feature

Snapchat has now launched its ‘After Dark’ feature which allows users to share Stories from their nightlife & evening activities. Only users who have shared After Dark Stories are able to see the content their friends have shared.

Users will only be able to upload Stories on this new mode after 8pm, hence the ‘After Dark’ title. This new mode essentially creates a highlight reel the next morning, where a user can see what their friends were doing the night before.

SocialMediaToday explains that “for those with more lively nightlife, it could act as a personalized picture board from nightclubs and bars, showing all the cool things that they got up to in the evening”.

What’s interesting about this feature is the exclusive element of it. Unlike traditional Snapchat Stories, this feature requires users to get involved by posting their own content, in order to see what their friends are doing. This is a similar mechanic to BeReal’s strategy.

For platforms that revolve around nightlife, IRL connections, and ‘living in the moment’, night-focused approaches such as ‘After Dark’ could be a new way to spark greater interactions from users.

Photo courtesy of SocialMediaToday.