Snapchat Survey Shows Gen Z Demanding More of Brands

Gen Z is a generation who are not kids anymore – they are consumers – and savvy ones at that too. A new survey by the popular social app Snapchat has shed some light on what Gen Z is looking for from brands – and it’s a lot more than previous generations. Gen Z wants to purchase from brands that have an identity that aligns with themselves – they don’t want to buy from soulless corporations. 

Brands really should take this into account – Gen Z now has an estimated buying power of US $853 globally according to the survey. That’s a big chunk of the market brands can’t afford to miss. The survey by snapchat’s main take is that:

“Gen Z requires an updated media and communication planning strategy that’s not only authentic, but relevant to the lives they live.”

In practice, that means Gen Z are looking for socially conscious brands with positive messages. They don’t want to buy from just anyone. They want to buy from brands that are helping to make impactful positive changes across the board. 

Some 75 per cent said they are more likely to be loyal to brands who align with their views. For 63 per cent, that meant those with fair labour policies. For 63 per cent, that also meant those with healthy and inclusive workplaces. And finally, for 62 per cent, they wanted brands that used sustainable manufacturing techniques.

What it boils down to, is positivity. The people of Gen Z look for experiences and apps that bring positivity to their daily lives. With the right tweak to brands marketing and practices, they can ensure engagement with them from customers is part of that positive story people are seeking too.

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