Snapchat Tests Generative AI ‘Dreams’ Feature

Snapchat has been experimenting with different uses of AI on its platform, with new reports about a ‘Dreams’ feature. The tool will reportedly take user-submitted selfies and create imaginative images with the help of generative AI.

Social Media Today shared new reports of this ‘Dreams’ feature, which prompts users to “Upload several selfies to create your Dreams and generate fantastical Snaps of yourself!”.

This is not the first AI tool adopted by Snapchat. The social networking platform launched ‘My AI’ in February 2023, which enables users to chat with an AI bot within the app.

Reports also indicate that Tiktok and Instagram are developing AI tools that will give users more options with filters and other creative options.

Andrew Hutchinson of Social Media Today gave his perspective on these reports:

“Don’t get me wrong, the latest batch of generative AI tools are amazing in their capacity to do things that are far beyond what we would have thought possible even this time last year. But for all the hype, the actual, practical use cases for these tools are seemingly not as extensive, as yet, as many seem to proclaim”.

“In terms of visuals, there are some amazing opportunities, but in most cases, they do still look a little off, while in many others, the challenge before people in creating visual content isn’t so much about creating the actual image, but in coming up with what to even create in the first place. In this respect, generative AI doesn’t solve the key problem in sparking creativity, even if it does provide more means to experiment and realize concepts”.

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