Snapchat to Work With Tinder on its New Developer Platform

Snapchat will work with Tinder and other apps on its new developer platform.

Snapchat’s developer platform will integrate with Tinder by allowing the dating app’s users to use their Bitmojis, the cartoon emojis that people customise to look like themselves.

Users will also be able to post directly to Snapchat from Tinder.

Snapchat has recently built four “kits” that will allow other apps to integrate its service into their product.

These types of developer tools are core to companies like Twitter, Facebook, Google and Apple, because they are able to help drive innovation around their products and keep audiences within their ecosystems.

A Snapchat spokesperson said in an email statement: “Snap Kit will help Snapchatters tap into the best parts of other apps they love, and help those apps integrate some of Snapchat’s experiences into their products.”

The developer platform will represent a departure for Snapchat, as it has mainly been a cloistered experience since the app was founded in 2011.

This meant users were previously unable to share their Snapchat messages or videos outside of the app itself. They were also unable to use any outside services within Snapchat.

Snapchat added: “We have never offered a product like an open social graph. And we do not share or allow Snapchatters to share their own friend network information with third parties.”

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