Social Discovery Ventures Announces New Features For Social Life 3.0

Social Discovery Ventures (SDVentures) announced new features to its Social 3.0 project, looking to revolutionise the future of digital connection. Some of these new features will be released through the company’s subsidiary Dating Group. 

Announced at Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon, SDVentures has committed USD $20 million to develop products relating to the metaverse. For example, Dating Group has already established itself in Decentraland, a location in the metaverse, and helped wed three couples in NFT matrimony.

SDVentures is also continuing to develop AI to help humans deal with loneliness. ‘Journey’, the company’s latest AI, was created to form deep connections with users, including creating prophetic visions for them through video art and music.

New features also include social games on dating platforms. Dating Group’s Dil Mil app, which helps South Asian singles find love, introduced an in-app game where teams have to develop a Haiku together. 

“Gaming, Web3, AI and the metaverse are bringing value, connections and opportunities to people from across the globe in new and exciting ways,” said KJ Dhaliwal, Chief Strategy Officer of Dating Group.

“And our new products showcase how these powerful technologies can be harnessed in practical ways to advance Social Life 3.0. SDVentures is leading the way in this regard, and we are extremely excited about what the future holds”, Dhaliwal continued.

“Social Discovery Ventures is completely committed to continued innovation and the development of Social Life 3.0,” said Bill Alena, Chief Investment Officer of Dating Group.

 “Our recent investments in gaming, AI and the metaverse speak to we will continue to blaze trails and bring new and exciting apps and features to people globally”, Alena added.