SpaceX Engineer Launches App for Instant Dates

Courtney Cline, a mission manager at SpaceX, has created a dating app that cuts out conversations and encourages instant date requests. Named ‘Only’, the new app prompts users to organise a date as soon as they match.

Cline was inspired to create the app after noticing how difficult it was to create relationships while also balancing a busy career. Together with two other co-founders, the Only team created a platform which streamlines how users organise dates.

Rather than the swipe model, Only will bring matches to the user. From there, users can select an individual to match with and then select specific venues to be booked. This date will then be uploaded directly into their calendar.

This integration between the dating app and the user’s calendar is one of the key features of the platform. Users are able to see each other’s availability to help them arrange a suitable time to meet.

The platform will have a side for romance, and a side for friendship, it recently announced.

Only is still in its early stages, currently in a pre-seed funding round. It is looking to launch its Version 1.0 by the end of 2024. Its first version will generate venue from restaurant promotions and ticket transactions, among other things. Its second version will shift to a subscription model that leverages AI to a greater extent.

You can find out more about Only on its website here.

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