Sparkmate Set to Launch in January 2023

Sparkmate, a new dating app founded by a student from Fordham University, is set to launch in January 2023. The app prides itself on using AI to match users, rather than relying on swiping.

The Fordham Observer spoke with Sparkmate’s founder Sidharth Sood. It highlights that the computer science student believes the new app will “play an integral role in restoring authentic human connection in an online format”.

Users start by answering a questionnaire which gauges things they like and dislike. Sood is a strong believer in AI taking this information and using it to deliver a better experience for users.

“The more of a digital footprint you and I leave, the more metadata there is for social programs to train artificial intelligence algorithms to learn more and more about each other”, he explained.

The app also has a strong-video first element, giving users the opportunity to dive into instant video chats. Its website explains that at certain times in the day, users will be connected through a blurred video call, and have 30 seconds to decide whether to unblur.

Looking ahead, Sood shares that once the app launches in January, he will look to expand the app into friendship and professional matching too. 

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