Sports Dating App ‘FanSwipe’ Integrates Ticketmaster


FanSwipe, a dating app for sports fans, has launched across the USA this week. The app hopes to make sports events the first choice destination for fan dates.  

Research has shown the gender gap in sports fandom is on the decline – the NFL, for example, is close to having a 50% female audience.

This change in demography has opened up sports as an area where singles might connect, and the new platform looks to make the process easy and enjoyable.

Further, teams and franchises are looking for ways to reach out to an increasingly diverse audience, and for ways to fill up seats as ticket sales struggle.

FanSwipe will integrate Ticketmaster, and fans will be able to attend an event together for a first date.

Users can select their favourite teams from across a range of sports, and this information will be added to a Tinder-esque profile.

FanSwipe CMO and co-founder Kevin Abner said of the platform: “Beyond the benefit to the millions of single fans looking for companionship, we also see FanSwipe as a platform for sports brands and venues to ramp up fan engagement.”

The app is based in Los Angeles, and is led by CEO and co-founder Edward Abner.

Check out their website here.