Startup Roundup – 19th August

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  1. Glambu – Luxury Dating : Meet successful people online! Glambu is a private community of successful, attractive, and ambitious people who deserve a life of luxury and pleasure.
  2. Reddi Community : More than a dating app – an private members-only community for those who want children in the future, and those who already have them.
  3. PURE Hookup: Anonymous Dating: PURE is a dating app for curious creatives to show up in their most playful version of themselves. It’s a space to be open with your desires, honest with your intentions and clear in your boundaries.

In Case You Missed It! Here’s last week’s Startup Roundup:

  1. metaMATCH – Web3 with a human touch: metaMATCH is a revolutionary web3 dating experience launching in Q4 by Lyons Elite.
  2. Desti – solving small talk: a tik-tok style dating app filtering matches by date destination, breaking down the small talk.

Kippo – come hang out: a real-time virtual world for dating and making new friends