Startup Roundup – 24th March

GDI is constantly on the lookout for new players in the online dating market, disruptive business models, and innovative technologies.

This Startup Roundup is presented in partnership with The Social Discovery Group, who are currently eager to connect with startups in the social discovery and online dating space.

If this is you, please get in touch with to find out more.

  1. Blaber – Feel the voice: Where people can connect in a meaningful way through voice, disappearing texts, and audiomemes.
  2. Relate Date – Dating On Values: Relate Date not only helps you find a partner, but also helps you understand who is the right partner for you.
  3. Katch – The meet up events app: A meetup events service that brings people together in a fun, relaxed atmosphere – to create magic.

In Case You Missed It! Here’s last week’s Startup Roundup:

  1. Kiri – Chat, Meet & Date New People: Kiri is a geolocation-based social networking application for the LGBTQ+ and broader community.
  2. Koko – Stop swiping, enjoy real life: No need to swipe left or right, no time limiting rules, & absolutely no guarantee you’ll meet the love of your life. Instead, Koko encourages you to chat up & meet cool, like-minded people directly and in reality.
  3. Hulah – Find Better Guys Endorsed by Other Women: The dating app that empowers women to take control of their dating lives and date only better guys.