Stir Shares New Research on Single Parents

Stir, the Match Group dating app for single parents, has shared new research on the dating attitudes & preferences among single parents. The study found that single parents are setting high standards for themselves, but that they’re increasingly embracing fun.

Stir conducted a study of 2,000 single parents of children under 18 years old. Here are the 4 key conclusions from the research:

  1. Becoming better daters

Stir’s study found single parents are appreciating dating more than ever before. 48% of respondents said that they now have a clearer idea of what they want from a partner, with 34% saying they appreciate romantic moments more. Almost a quarter of single parents also said that they are now more willing to date someone outside their usual type.

Many single parents pointed out that there are common misconceptions about their community. Respondents highlighted that it’s a myth that they don’t have the time to date (34%), that their life must be complicated (32%), and that they’re looking for a co-parent over a romantic relationship (32%).

  1. Sex & intimacy

When is the appropriate time to start talking about boundaries, sexting, or having sexual conversations with a new partner? 39% of single parents said its within the first 3 dates, with 14% saying it’s before you meet in person.

Within 55 minutes of a date, single parents will know whether they are interested in having sex with that person. 

But there are differing responses when single parents were asked when they feel comfortable having sex. 31% said it’s possible they will have sex on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd date, while 27% said they have to be in an exclusive relationship before being intimate physically.

  1. Knowing the important things

Single parents told Stir about the topics they’d like to discuss on a date to help them establish whether there’s a true connection. These topics are life goals, dreams for the future, pet peeves, and sex or intimacy (listed from most popular to least popular).

The study found that single parents know whether they want a second date within 38 minutes of the first date. As part of this, 51% of single parents said that they are less patient with drama since having children.

  1. Embracing fun

57% of single parents share that they’re embracing their silly side more than before they had children. The same amount said that the fun of dating is their favourite part of getting back out there. 

“It’s important to note that single parents are people beyond their children and dating is not about looking for a co-parent or trying to squeeze it into a busy schedule due to societal norms. I look at single parents as an efficient cohort of daters who can be both mindful of their time and down for unscheduled fun,” said Rachel DeAlto, Chief Dating Expert for Stir.

“They’re also looking for spontaneity, with 35% saying they’re even more spontaneous after having kids than they were before. Single parents are dating for all the reasons that feel right to them, and on their terms – and frankly, that’s a wonderful thing!”, she added.

Stir is a dating app that looks to serve the 20 million single parents in the U.S. You can find out more about the dating app on its website here.

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