Study: 79% of U.S. College Students Not Using Dating Apps

79% of U.S. college students have not used any dating apps in the last month, according to a new study by Axios and Generation Lab. Among students in relationships, 15% met their partner on a dating app, while 35% got together through school.

A new survey of nearly 1000 college students across the U.S. found that dating apps are not being used regularly. 12% of college students said they used Tinder in the last month, while 8% said they have used Bumble & Hinge recently. This pales in comparison to the 79% that did not use any dating apps.

However, this is not due to a lack of dating. 30% of respondents said they have been on a date in the last week, and 24% saying they’ve dated within the last year.

Axios highligthed the significance of this finding saying “college students are a target demographic for dating apps, with companies like Tinder and Bumble advertising and hosting campus events”.

The challenge for dating apps seems to be their reputation for only creating hookups. 45% of college students said they have never ‘hooked up’ at all.

“I feel dating apps have ruined the dating scene for many people my age and ruined their self-confidence,” said Melanie Perez, a junior at Sam Houston State University.

“I’d rather meet and start as friends than use an app that’ll most likely end in hookups”, was another statement recorded by researchers.

In the college environment, 35% said their relationships originated from a connection made through school. Meanwhile, 15% said they met their partner through a dating app, with the same proportion saying they met their partner in-person (coincidences).

You can find Axios’ and Generation Lab’s report here.

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